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28 February: Three’s up on Friday: music videos

An all female line-up in my selection of three videos this time round. All solo-artists too. Prodigious musical talent, of which there is no short supply here, is a joy to behold.

‘Summer’ by Charlotte Hatherley

Charlotte Hatherley may be known to some of you as the female member of indie-rock band Ash. As well as collaborating with Bat For Lashes, since leaving Ash in 2006 Hatherley has been busily flexing her musical muscles. This track, ‘Summer’, is a bouncy, unassuming pop song and in it I think you can hear echoes of Brit Pop, the Pretenders, and maybe even a hint of something like Supergrass (only without all the hair).

If you’re in the UK, like me, it’s cold out … so why not put a little summer in your ears (wonder if segues like that will get me a job in local radio).


‘Imaginary Audience’ by Tara Busch

I make no bones about being a huge fan of Tara Busch and consequently it wasn’t easy picking a video to put here. I chose this because it’s a great song that shows off her incredible voice and her wonderful way with melody. It’s also a very cool video – especially the closing scenes.

Tara is known for, among other things, championing the use of retro analogue synths, and creates thoughtful slices of electronica-pop, choc full of soul-searching lyrics, mind-bending sounds, and heart-rending harmonies. (She’s also collaborated with Bat For Lashes).

If you’re partial to a little Tori Amos, or even Kate Bush, you might find something in Tara Busch’s work that resonates with you.

(Note: there’s a little nudity in this video, which I think I’m supposed to warn you about under the Geneva Convention or sutin.)


‘Something Big’ by Sylver Tongue

Sylver Tongue is the latest musical project of Charlotte Hatherley (yes, I know… her again. But this is my site and if I want to do this I will!).

This is a big sounding piece of electronica that those of you with a penchant for early 1980s era synth pop might particularly enjoy.

I like this for several reasons, but I particularly like the fact that this – when set against the likes of ‘Summer’ – show the musical journey that Charlotte Hatherley is on. It’s a very different sound. But many of the same sensibilities still apply.

If Japan/David Sylvian were ever up your street you might like this too.



10 January 2014: Three’s up on Friday: music videos

Here, in no particular order, are three songs I’ve been listening to and enjoying this week. I hope you like them too.

‘Lights That Fade’ by the Palace Wolves

The Palace Wolves are a four-piece electro-rock band from Atlanta, Georgia (that’s in the US). They’ve been together for a couple of years and this is the video for their new single. I love it. It’s reminiscent of several bands I can think of (Editors, Placebo, Cure) yet stands up well on its own two feet.


‘Big Woman’ by Rippin E Brakes

No, I’m not sure what the name might mean either. But the Rippin E Brakes are a four-piece country rock & roll band from New Hampshire, and I can only begin to imagine how cold it might be there right now. It’s not easy trying to inject humour and personality into your music without coming across as clumsy. But these guys have nailed that. This is the excellent video for the first single off their new album. This is possibly the only band wielding things like banjos and mandolins that I like.


‘X Marks The Spot’ by the Bedroom Hour

While not a brand, spanking new song from this London five-piece ‘alternative rock’ band, ‘X Marks The Spot’ is a great example of fine song writing and perfectly restrained performance. I’m also a sucker for videos shot on roof-tops. Try, if you can, to imagine some of the high points of Coldplay or U2, now try to imagine what those bands would be like if they’d stayed really good and not become parodies of themselves. Well, the Bedroom Hour aren’t a million miles away from sounding like that. Definitely one to watch.


Feel free to drop me a line (via the Contact page) if you want to share music with me – whether it’s your own material, or just something you like and would like to share.


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