Signs of the times

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  1. You, my son, are a genius.
    This is the blog post I wished I had written.
    I too remember the sackloads of snail mail paper press releases (and don't forget the reams upon reams of curly faxes)which flooded newspaper offices every day.
    You never once would have dreamt of “naming and shaming” the senders.
    It's not as if “unsolicited” always equates with “bad”.
    Any journalist (or blogger) worth their salt will know that the best material can come from the unlikeliest places.
    The people who AREN'T whingeing about press releases are the genuine pros, who just get on with it.
    Rather than whining, they develop a heightened story sense, adopt a more broad-minded approach to what constitutes “interesting” – and also acquire a more ruthless and efficient filtering system.

  2. Sean Fleming says:

    Thanks Scott – you posted your comment under my blog about no smoking signs.

    I'll attempt to move it. But I'm no techie!

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